Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

#1: Don’t Promote Junk Products

When you’re trying to make money as an affiliate marketer, it’s all about promoting the right products to the right people.

If you don’t sell products that fit and solve your readers’ problems, you’re going to have a problem. Choose affiliate websites wisely. 

Sure, you might get a sale here and there. But it would be highly unlikely for you to get the commission because of refunds. (Most affiliate programs lock/hold your commissions until the refund period is over. Typically, this is 30 days.)

When your audience starts to realise that you’re not really helping them, because the products you endorse are crap, they likely will never come back to your site.

Low-quality products are generally easy to spot. They will have low ratings and negative reviews from both customers and website owners (like bloggers and affiliate marketers).

So before you pick a product, do your research. Also, consider buying it yourself (we’ll talk more about this later).

#2: Prove Your Products Work

Here’s the deal:

When it comes to being an affiliate, your job is to help your visitors by showing them products that’ll solve their problems.

To get them to actually make the purchase, showing them the product in action will get their wallets out. There’s nothing like seeing your problem being solved right before your eyes.

If you’re wondering how to actually do this, you’ll have 2 options:

i. Video – if it’s physical, meaning you have the product on-hand, you could use basically any camera you can get your hands on (your smartphone will work). If it’s digital, like a Kindle book or software, you’ll need a screen recorder. There are several tools to choose from, but I’d recommend Camtasia.

ii. Screenshots and Images – if it’s physical, your smartphone camera will work just fine. If it’s digital, you’ll need a screen capture tool. Snagit is probably the best all-round tool, but there are free options that are good. There’s Skitch from Evernote and Jing from TechSmith.

#3: Don’t Go Crazy About the Pricing


Whether it is $40 or $400, you’re still going to make money if the product is a legitimate problem solver. If it has a good commission rate, 30% for example, you’re going to be all right.

If a product has a 50-dollar price tag and a 25% commission rate, that’s $12.50 per sale. If you can generate one sale per day, that’s easy $375 per month. And one sale per day is totally doable. Even 5, 10, 20+ sales every day can be done.

So don’t let the price tag choose what products you promote. The better the product, the more sales you’ll generate.

#4: Create High-Quality Content That Helps

As an affiliate marketer, website content will likely be your number one generator of traffic, leads, and sales.

To generate traffic, you will likely get it from Google Search and from social networks. And you need content to rank in search and to share on social media.

To generate leads, you will need landing pages and opt-in forms to get people to sign up. And even they will contain lots of quality content.

The same thing with sales. Without content, there’s no way to get people to click on your affiliate links.

And if you want your content to be successful, it will need to help your readers. If you’re creating content just for the eff of it, it won’t generate traffic. It won’t generate leads. It won’t even generate a single penny.

So what is helpful content, you ask?

The next six points talk about certain forms of content that are specifically designed for affiliate websites. Let’s check them out.

#5: Create Product Reviews

Product reviews are the most common forms of affiliate marketing content. Every affiliate website has at least one of these.

Why? It’s because they work. Everybody reads them. According to a Vendasta statistic post, 92% of all consumers read online reviews.

Back in 2013, MarketingLand wrote about a survey from Dimensional Research and ZenDesk where they found that 90% of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

If you think about the number of people online who look for products on sites like Amazon, that number is in the hundreds of millions. It’s crazy.

So if you’re not creating reviews for your website, you better start now.

For help on writing great reviews, check out this guide from NicheHacks.

#6: Create Product Roundups

A product roundup is probably the easiest form of content you can create for an affiliate website. It’s basically just listing a bunch of products and summarising them with 2 or 3 sentences.

You don’t even have to compare them.

And, you can create these lists around broad topics. For example, best video games or top 100 WordPress plugins.

You can also include affiliate links for as many products as you want. If you’re featuring 25 products in your roundup, you can have 25 affiliate links.

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